Blister packaging

Complete Blister Packaging displays your product in all its visual appeal and features, and at the same time, protects it in transit and on the shelf. Ecobliss, the Smart Source for all of your complete Blister Packaging needs, integrates blisters and cards to deliver the packaging product you need in almost any style, size or shape, with a wide array of functional attributes and finishings.


Note from the MD:
There are many thermoforming companies out there that produce blisters, but be aware that it’s not easy to find the right one. Do they have the right equipment for your job? Are they capable of making the right design, and tools? And what about reliability, consistency, hygiene?But more importantly, often thermoforming of blisters is just one piece of the puzzle. To create a successful blister packaging solution you need to have all the pieces. Often blisters need to be sealed against another blister or to a blister card, covered by a sealing film. That can be pretty tricky. But don’t worry! At Ecobliss, we know how to integrate all the pieces so that there will be no puzzle left for you to solve.
Ron Linssen, Managing Director 


Unlimited functional possibilities
In terms of functions, Ecobliss’ complete blister packaging can be made easy to open, with or without reclosability, with built-in snaps for example, for in-store inspection or demonstration, or for home storage. The integrated packaging product can be designed to facilitate dispensing of your product, and then protecting what remains. The packaging can be made with a perforation strip to allow easy access, but clearly show tampering evidence (or lack thereof) to assure your customers. Alternately, Ecobliss complete blister packaging can be made hard to open, for theft or tamper-resistance. Ecobliss tear-resistant technology looks ordinary, but is virtually impossible to open without a knife or scissors.

Depending on your requirements, Ecobliss’ complete blister packaging solutions can make use of other features, such as employing thicker, tougher plastic for greater protection in transit. Ecobliss’ complete blister packaging can be designed in a way to freely stand or hang straight on a shelf. And Ecobliss’ complete blister packaging can employ holographic labeling for anti-counterfeiting. Ecobliss experts are happy to consider your packaging needs and help design a complete blister packaging product to suit your requirements.

Distinctive finishing
Ecobliss complete blister packaging can be given a distinctive finishing to perfectly suit your branding requirements. Your attractive artwork can be applied – transparent or opaque, any coulors including metallic silver or gold, or with a soft-feel (flocked) finish. Also, Ecobliss has mastered the process of making 3D printed blisters on a large scale. And, as mentioned above, it can be imprinted with your unique  holographic design for enhanced branding. Truly, with our help, you can create exactly what you want – your ideal, customised complete blister packaging.

Special packagings for various industries
Ecobliss has developed a distinct line of complete blister packaging for the pharmaceutical industry for secondary packaging of drugs, tablets and pills. Ecobliss has also developed medication dose units, that can be used by pharmacists for packaging individual doses, and where the instructions to the patient stay with the medication until use. For the food industry, or for electronics, transport trays, where your components for assembly or transport can be sorted and protected, can be employed. These trays can even be part of your manufacturing infrastructure, for example, holding different components in coulor-coded trays to support error-free assembly in your plant.

Special techniques offering interesting advantages
Ecobliss’ complete blister packagings can be produced using both cold seal and heat seal technology, each with their own unique features and advantages. Ecobliss heat seal technology offers high reliability and durability of the bond between blister and card, or card-to-card, in the case where front and back blister cards are used. Ecobliss’ cold sealing offers the simplest packing process – reliable, quick, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Please see the Technology section for more information.

Whatever your need, the Ecobliss development team is more than happy to make a proposal for a complete blister packaging solution that suits your product and budget.