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Recycle blister packs: mystery unsolved

Timo Kubbinga
Written by
Timo Kubbinga
/ Published on
March 11, 2024
Recycle blister packs

Blister packs in the pharmaceutical industry provide a convenient, tamper-evident, and hygienic way to package medicines. However, as environmental awareness rises, the question of whether blister packs are recyclable has become a pressing issue. This blog post aims to unravel the mystery surrounding the recyclability of blister packs and explore the efforts being made to improve their environmental footprint.

The challenge with blister pack recycling

Blister packs are known for their ability to protect medications effectively, but their construction presents significant recycling challenges. Typically made from a fusion of plastic and aluminum, these components are difficult to separate, complicating the recycling process. The question of whether blister packs are recyclable is not straightforward, largely due to these material complexities and the variability in recycling capabilities across regions.

Navigating the recycling process

The recyclability of blister packs depends on local recycling facilities' capacity to handle complex materials. While the technology to recycle blister packs exists, its availability is limited, making blister pack recycling less accessible than it could be. Efforts to increase the blister packs recycling involve enhancing the technology and infrastructure for separating and processing the mixed materials they contain.

Innovations in blister pack recycling

The pharmaceutical packaging industry is responding to the challenge with innovations aimed at making blister packs more recyclable. Some of these include developing mono-material blister packs that simplify the recycling process and exploring biodegradable materials that offer an environmentally friendly alternative. These initiatives represent steps toward resolving the blister pack recycling mystery.

Advancements in blister pack recycling and sustainable packaging solutions

The journey to effectively recycle blister packs is complex, but not impossible. Through innovation, collaboration, and continued focus on sustainability, the pharmaceutical packaging industry is making strides toward solving the blister pack recycling mystery. These efforts not only contribute to environmental sustainability, but also align with the growing demand for eco-friendly packaging solutions.

For those interested in learning more about blister pack recycling or exploring sustainable packaging options, reaching out for further information.

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Ecobliss Pharmaceutical cold seal wallet
Do you want to experience first hand the usability and quality of our packaging solutions? We'll send you one!
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