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Medical Device Packaging

Medical packaging serves a number of essential functions, but the main one is protecting the medical product.
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Well-designed components provide a solid carrier.
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Many products can be packed in various manners

Protecting medical devices and informing users

Packaging for medical devices serves several purposes depending on the product and application. Requirements can relate to protection against damage or environment, carrier of information, presentation, support of the product and brand/company image just to name a few. Requirements can also be process related, for example to the ability to have the contents sterilized or transported by airfreight.

Ecobliss has been supplying the medical, dental and pharmaceutical industry with a wide range of components to arrive at the desired packaging concept like blister trays, liddings, inlay cards or multipanel wallets. Fit for use in clinical trials or commercial stage products.

Packaging designed for the right purpose

To arrive at the most optimal packaging for the intended purpose, Ecobliss develops the packaging to your requirements and based on over 25 years of experience. We take every aspect of the design into account. Of course the components have to fit snug into the tray, but must be easy to take out once the product is used. The choice of material is chosen in close cooperation with the customer. The same goes for the closure system of choice. Does the device needs to be sterilized? Will the device be shipped by air? What printing requirements are there for the lidding? All factors are carefully chosen, keeping in mind that the packaging has to be an efficient process as well. Once the packaging design is finished, the different components will be produced and supplied as a set or individually.

Machines for your volumes

Ecobliss also is able to supply you with the correct machine to pack your medical device. Depending on the volumes, we are able to supply you with high quality, pharma grade sealing machines that are fit for puspose, may that be a 1.000 SKU’s or hundreds of thousands. We supply tooling, validation documentation, and of course we will install the machine for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about the possibilities.

Contract packaging for medical equipment packaging

If you require smaller volumes and you don’t want to invest in equipment, Ecobliss is a GMP licensed contract packer, and we are happy to service you with this activity as well. From very small batches for fase I clinical trials, to large commercial batches, Ecobliss is ready to support you with your requirements throughout the life cycle of your products.

Contact the team

Our team is fine blend of knowledge, experience and eagerness. Give them a call or let them call you back at a convenient time for you by sending a message.
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Wim Henk Stoppkotte

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Gianni Linssen

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