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Clinical trial packaging services

• The perfect fit
• Tailor-made
• Easy set-up and low quantities possible
Packaging for clinical trials

Clinical trial packaging and Ecobliss go hand in hand

For over two decades, Ecobliss Pharma has been the preferred supplier of clinical trial packaging materials for many pharmaceutical companies. Ecobliss cold seal clinical packaging is a perfect fit for clinical trials, as only pressure is required to make an easy and perfect seal. The absence of heat during sealing takes away any doubt whether heat during sealing influences the functioning of the drug. For temperature-sensitive products, it goes without saying that the Ecobliss cold seal technology is the best method to make a perfect seal. In case child-resistance is required, a combination can be made with Locked4Kids: the child resistant packaging platform developed by Ecobliss.

Tailor-made clinical packaging

Taking the primary packaging as a starting point, Ecobliss Pharma will develop the clinical trial packaging materials specifically for your project. Any dosage form can be used, and our design team will provide a solution that matches your requirements. Our in-house prototyping allows us to quickly show you an accurate prototype of the packaging, which can also have print. The designers at Ecobliss Pharma are ready to take on any challenge and design the perfect packaging for you!

Clinical trial quantities and easy set-up

Clinical trials typically concern low to very low quantities. Ecobliss cold seal clinical trial packaging services perfectly suit this. As only pressure is required for sealing, the set-up of the packaging process is very simple and has virtually no set-up waste. The cost-effective Ecobliss Jiggle Roller is used by many pharmaceutical companies, from small to multinational companies. Larger shuttle machines are also available, which still have the benefit of very low set-up waste. Should your company wish Ecobliss to take over the packaging process, we can do so in our GMP licensed packaging facility. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities for your company.

Sustainable solutions from Ecobliss Pharma

Cold seal wallet

Cold seal

With the unique cold seal solution, used materials like highly recycled cardboard and water-based, solvent-free adhesive, you are able to make steps towards delivering more eco-friendly products.
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