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Commercial packaging

  • Development since 1996
  • Wallet packaging
  • Locked4Kids
  • Contract packaging
Locked4Kids cartons line up

Commercial packaging development

Ecobliss Pharmaceutical Packaging has been supplying cold-seal wallets and child resistant packaging platform Locked4Kids to the pharmaceutical industry since its inception in 1996. Next to product safety the design has been based on efficient processability, hence both platforms can be scaled up in a cost-efficient way to pack for commercial purposes.

Wallet packaging

Cold seal wallets are a well-known packaging that have multiple advantages. First of all, the cold seal technique keeps your pharmaceutical product safe from high temperature exposure. Second, the primary pack can be easily separated from the wallet, enabling recycling of waste as much as possible. Third, a wallet is known for the positive characteristics: due to the patient information about correct use of the medicine a better adherence is the result. In that way, the wallet adds value for the patient.

Last but not least, the Ecobliss Cold Seal Wallet is processable on machines that can deliver high output. Because only pressure is needed, there are no issues with tuning of different parameters on the machine with every startup.

More information on packaging machines can be found here.


Locked4Kids is the child resistant packaging platform developed by Ecobliss. The concept is unique in every way. Because of the design, Locked4Kids can customize every pack specifically for your product without the necessity of retesting. Locked4Kids can contain all different kinds of dosage forms.

For blister packs, the possibilities are even more unique in the CR-packaging market: it can contain one to literally tenths of blisters. Locked4Kids is processable on regular cartonning machines and has little to no effect on production output. Locked4Kids is successfully used by numerous companies in the US, Europe and Asia.

More information about Locked4Kids can be found here.

Contract packaging for commercial volumes

Of course Ecobliss Pharmaceutical Packaging can offer contract packaging services for both the cold seal wallets as the Locked4Kids packaging variations. Because of our unique machine suite, we are able to offer very small to medium and large batches. Our facility has three packaging areas and a large capacity in the warehouse to be able to  process large (and small) volumes of packaging activities.

Cold seal wallet

Cold seal packaging

Sustainable, simple and efficient. Find out why 90% of our customers pick this winner in sustainability and production effciency!
Locked4Kids carton

Child resistant packaging

Locked4Kids, the world’s most versatile child resistant and senior friendly packaging platform.
Contract packaging

Contract packaging

Turn key solutions from development to realization with excellent service.

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