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Cold seal blister packaging

90% of our customers choose our eco-friendly cold seal packaging technology. Because it’s sustainable, simple and efficient.
Cold seal is the eco-friendly statement
Multiple advantages
Cold seal has multiple advantages for your packaging process
The usability and consumer experience of cold seal packaging is outstanding

Versatile wallet packaging

Ecobliss cold seal packaging requires pressure only to be perfectly sealed. This makes cold seal packaging the most simple and most efficient blister sealing process. It also allows some great design possibilities to enhance the usability of your product and create a better opening experience. Moreover, cold seal packaging is a truly sustainable wallet packaging solution.

Eco-friendly carton wallets

Apart from the packaging process and its efficiency, the sustainability of Ecobliss cold seal concept will be in your benefit. The plastic component is trapped between two layers of board. This allows the plastic to be reduced to the very minimum and requires no specific properties for sealing. In most cases, the blister bubble is even produced already using post-consumer recycled PET, and the corresponding carton wallet is mostly produced from recycled board. When opening the blister wallet the plastic part and the carton are fully and perfectly separated and can again be recycled.

Fast and scalable packaging

The Ecobliss cold seal blister concept requires pressure only to make a perfect seal. As opposed to traditional blistering techniques that typically require time, heat end pressure, the advantage of having one sealing parameter only can by itself be reason enough to use Ecobliss cold seal pharmaceutical packaging. Not only is the sealing process very reliable, it is also fast in set-up and has virtually no set-up spoils, nor running spoils.

More functionalities

Out of the box, cold seal wallets have a lot functionality. And there's more. By adding a tamper evident solution, we help you provide your guarantee that the packaging has not been opened before. Consider solutions such as a special seal, perforations, special die-cut patterns or multi-layer stickers that are applied to the wallet.

Blister wallets

Ecobliss also offers a full range of equipment from manually operated through to fully automated packaging lines. So whether you have several thousands of products to be packaged or millions, we have suitable packaging wallets for you. And at all times the simplicity of the concept favors your packaging process.

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Cold Seal Packaging Advantages overview

Cold seal the eco friendly statement

Cold seal, the eco-friendly statement

  • Highly recycled content cardboard can be used
  • 100% Post-consumer recycled plastic can be used
  • Plastic content can be reduced to a minimum
  • Ecobliss cold seal adhesive is water based and solvent free
  • Full and contamination free material separation when opening the packaging
  • After opening, separate components can be recycled
Energy efficient

Multiple advantages for your packaging process

  • No heat for sealing means a less energy consuming sealing process
  • Quick change-over as cooling down and re-heating of seal tool is not required
  • Minimal setup scrap as there is only a single parameter (pressure)
  • Fast packaging process as seal is instantly created when pressure is applied
  • Single parameter allows for simple and low-cost equipment for small volume
  • Full range of sealing equipment available, serving high volume demand as well
Hands opening cold seal wallet


  • Optimized user experience
  • Maximized communication area as the entire board surface can be printed
  • Various easy opening possibilities can be proposed

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