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Pharma packaging design and development

  • Integral packaging solutions
  • Design, manufacturing, process
  • Iterating to alignment
  • Graphical design following structural design
Pharma packaging design and development

Integral packaging solutions

Ecobliss provides its customers with the best possible integral packaging solution. All design is done in-house and state-of-the art in house prototyping allows fast and efficient packaging development. Any packaging development is a team effort. A team of experts at Ecobliss, but also a Ecobliss teams up with the customer. From experience we know this gives the best result.

Design, manufacturing, process

Prior to making any design Ecobliss will discuss the requirements with the customer. There is more to packaging development than a design to hold the product that gets packaged and to have sufficient print surface for the required communication. Ecobliss expertly also takes the manufacturing of the packaging component into consideration. Additionally the packaging process plays an important role in the development phase. It is all in the details, yet a design for a more manual or a more automated packaging process will not be identical. Therefore a team of experts from the different disciplines will jointly make the necessary design decisions.

Iterating to alignment

The customer is closely kept in the loop and there are typically several iterations prior to a design being final. At all times, Ecobliss will show possibilities and clearly outlines consequences of the choices given so the customer can make a balanced decision for a next development phase. Once all is aligned and the structural design is agrees, the deliverable of a validation process is a specification of the packaging components.

Graphical design following structural design

Subsequently the graphical design can be made final based on the key lines of the structural design. Ecobliss can provide this service or the designs can be supplied by the customer or by a graphic design agency hired by the customer. Ecobliss will scrutinize all supplied artwork to ensure it is perfect for printing and after a final validation by the customer the production process of the packaging can be initiated.

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