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Pharma packaging design

  • Integral packaging solutions
  • Design, manufacturing, process
  • Iterating to alignment
  • Graphical design following structural design
Pharma packaging design and development

Integral packaging solutions for your pharma packaging design

Ecobliss provides its customers with the best possible integral packaging solution for secondary packaging. All pharmaceutical packaging design is done in-house and state of the art in-house prototyping allows fast and efficient packaging development. Each pharma medicine packaging design development is a team effort. A team that consists of experts from Ecobliss, but also Ecobliss in collaboration with the customer. From experience we know this gives the best result. We specialise in designing packaging solutions for various types of primary and secondary packaging, including:

  • Unit-dose blister packaging
  • Multi-dose blister packaging
  • Senior-friendly blister packaging
  • Cold form foil blister packaging
  • Blister cards or wallets
  • Folding cartons

Design, manufacturing, process

Prior to making any design Ecobliss will discuss the requirements with the customer. There is more to packaging development than a design to hold the product that gets packaged and to have sufficient print surface for the required communication. Ecobliss expertly also takes the manufacturing of the packaging component into consideration. Additionally the packaging process plays an important role in the development phase. It is all in the details, yet a design for a more manual or a more automated packaging process will not be identical. Therefore a team of experts from the different disciplines will jointly make the necessary design decisions.

Industry trends and innovations in pharmaceutical packaging design

In the dynamic world of pharmaceutical packaging design, staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage, but a necessity. At Ecobliss, we constantly monitor the latest industry trends, developments, and innovations to ensure that our packaging solutions are not just current but future-ready. Whether it is the move towards eco-friendly, sustainable packaging materials, the integration of smart technologies for improved user engagement and product traceability, or the rise of personalized packaging to enhance brand loyalty, we are fully committed to incorporating these advancements into our work. Through this commitment, we are able to offer our customers packaging solutions that not only meet their immediate needs but also position them favourably for the future.

Sustainability and material choices for pharma medicine packaging design

At Ecobliss, we believe that environmental responsibility and business success can, and should, go hand in hand. We understand that the materials we choose for our packaging solutions have a direct impact on our planet, and we take this responsibility seriously. Our commitment to sustainability guides every choice we make. So that goes for our pharmaceutical packaging design too. We strive to use materials that are not just durable and high-quality, but also environmentally friendly wherever possible. We are always in search of new, innovative materials that can reduce the environmental footprint of our products. Our research and development team works tirelessly to identify and test these materials. We also work closely with our customers to help them understand the benefits of sustainable packaging, guiding them towards choices that benefit both their business and the environment.

Cutting-edge pharma packaging design technology

In the pursuit of excellence in packaging design and manufacturing, technology is our greatest ally. At Ecobliss, we utilise state-of-the-art technology and machinery to create, test, and refine our packaging solutions. Our advanced prototyping process allows us to take a design from concept to reality quickly and efficiently, while also providing ample opportunity for refinement and optimisation. We leverage technology not just in the design and manufacturing process, but also in quality assurance, logistics, and customer service. Our commitment to technological excellence enables us to deliver packaging solutions that are not just high-quality and reliable, but also cost-effective and timely. Whether it is 3D printing for rapid prototyping, AI for quality control, or IoT for real-time tracking, we are always exploring new ways to leverage technology for better results.

Regulatory compliance for pharma packaging design

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most tightly regulated sectors in the world, with stringent rules governing every aspect of product development and distribution, including packaging. At Ecobliss, we have a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape across various markets. We know that compliance is not optional, but a critical requirement for our customers. Our pharma packaging design options are not just aesthetically appealing and functional, but also fully compliant with all relevant regulations. Our team of experts stays abreast of the latest regulatory changes and updates, ensuring that our packaging solutions meet and often exceed the required standards. We navigate the complex world of regulatory compliance on behalf of our customers, giving them the peace of mind, they need to focus on their core business.

Process towards the perfect pharma medicine packaging design

Prior to making any pharma packaging design, Ecobliss will discuss the requirements with the customer. There is more to packaging development than a design to hold the product and label drug information. The manufacturing of the packaging component is taken expertly into consideration too. Additionally, the packaging process plays an important role in the development phase. It is all in the details, yet a design for a more manual or a more automated packaging process will not be identical. Therefore, a team of experts from the different disciplines will jointly make the necessary pharma packaging design decisions. Whether you desire a short lead time, a change in your packaging, or require any other unexpected demands, Ecobliss will support you as your licensed contract packer.

Iterating to alignment

The customer is therefore closely kept in the loop and there are typically several iterations prior to the pharma medicine packaging design process. At all times, Ecobliss will elaborate on the possibilities and clearly outline the consequences of the potential decisions so the customer can make a balanced decision for a next development phase. Once all is aligned and the structural design has been agreed upon, the result of a validation process is a specification of the packaging components.

Graphical design following structural design

Subsequently, the graphical design can be finalized based on the key lines of the structural pharmaceutical packaging design. Ecobliss can provide this service, but the customer can also design it themselves or cooperate with a graphic design agency. We will scrutinize all supplied artwork to ensure it is perfect for printing. After the final validation by the customer, the production process of the packaging can be initiated.

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