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Pharmaceutical blister packaging

Pharmaceutical blister packaging

Eco-friendly, efficient and personalized medicine packaging
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Ecobliss Pharma helps you create functional and personalised pharmaceutical blister packaging. Feel free to contact us!
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Blister packaging for pharmaceutical use

Pharmaceutical blister packaging - a type of healthcare packaging - protects the medicine from moisture and contamination, ensuring safety even after opening. Individual blisters allow users to access the required medicine without accidentally opening other sections. Ecobliss Pharma's secondary cold seal blister packaging uses pressure-only sealing to seal the primary packaged blister in the secondary wallet packaging between two layers of carton, eliminating the need for heat and making it an environmentally friendly and efficient choice for medicine packaging.

Personalised pharmaceutical blister packaging

Pharmaceutical blister packaging can be customized to suit various medicine requirements. Ecobliss Pharma ensures seamless integration of the packaging process and design, considering any specific information presentation needs. Customers are regularly updated during the design phase to achieve the desired outcome. Numerous graphic design possibilities provided by the customer can be incorporated, with the final design validated by the customer before initiating the pharmaceutical blister packaging process.

10 advantages of cold seal pharmaceutical blister packaging:

  • A sustainable solution for blister cards and blister wallets
  • The pharmaceutical blister packaging is sealed by pressure only
  • Plastic content is reduced to a minimum
  • Safe way of packaging medicine
  • No processing scrap that is heat-related, as there is no heat involved
  • Solvent-free, because the adhesive is water-based
  • Limitless (re)use of recycled paperboard
  • Less energy necessary for the packaging process since there is no heating involved
  • A single, non-fluctuating packaging process, meaning there is no make-ready scrap
  • The paperboard and plastic can be separated easily and completely, making rework possible and thus ensuring the amount of scrap is reduced even further

A few types of primary pharmaceutical blister packaging

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Blister Packaging

A common and cost-effective option, offering good moisture and gas barrier properties. However, it is less environmentally friendly than other alternatives.

PVDC (Polyvinylidene Chloride) Coated Blister Packaging

Provides an enhanced moisture and gas barrier compared to PVC, making it suitable for packaging moisture-sensitive medications.

ACLAR® (Polychlorotrifluoroethylene) Blister Packaging

A high-performance, transparent material with excellent moisture and gas barrier properties, ideal for highly sensitive medications.

Aluminum-Aluminum(Alu-Alu) Blister Packaging

A multi-layered structure made entirely of aluminum, offering excellent protection against light, moisture, and gas. Suitable for highly sensitive and light-sensitive drugs.

Cold Form Foil (CFF) Blister Packaging

A flexible packaging solution using an aluminum-based laminate, providing a high moisture, light, and gas barrier. This type of packaging is used for temperature-sensitive or fragile drugs.

High-Barrier Blister Packaging

A combination of various materials, such as aluminum and plastic films, to create a packaging solution with high moisture and gas barriers, suitable for highly sensitive medications.

Child-Resistant Blister Packaging

Designed with safety features to prevent children from accessing the medication, while still allowing easy access for adults.

Senior-Friendly Blister Packaging

Specifically designed to be easy to open for seniors or people with limited dexterity, without compromising the safety and protection of the medication.

Unit-Dose Blister Packaging

Individually sealed doses, allowing for easy and accurate medication administration.

Multi-Dose Blister Packaging

Multiple doses of the same medication or different medications combined in a single blister pack for convenient and organized medication management.


A few types of secondary pharmaceutical blister packaging

Blister Cards

These are paperboard-based backings used in conjunction with the primary blister packs. The blister packs are sealed onto the blister cards using heat or cold seal methods.

Blister Wallets

Blister wallets are a type of secondary packaging that encloses and protects the primary blister packs. They offer additional protection and convenience, particularly for multi-dose or unit-dose blister packs. We can also provide you with a free sample.

Folding Cartons

Made of paperboard, folding cartons are a popular and cost-effective option for secondary packaging.

Continue reading to learn more about the different types of pharmaceutical packaging.

Customizable pharmaceutical packaging

Blister packaging for pharmaceutical use that is not only sustainble, but also functional and personalizable.
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