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Enhancing Patient Experience and Embracing Sustainability: A Lundbeck Case Study

Ecobliss Pharmaceutical Packaging develops an innovative and sustainable packaging solution for Lundbeck, addressing key concerns and improving end-user experience.
Packshot of the improved packaging for Lundbeck

Ecobliss Pharmaceutical Packaging was approached by Lundbeck, a global pharmaceutical company, to replicate an existing packaging. Instead of simply reproducing the original design, we took the opportunity to identify areas for improvement, creating a safer and more convenient experience for end-users while aligning with Lundbeck's commitment to sustainability.

Addressing Packaging Concerns

Improved Clarity and Accessibility:

The original packaging lacked a clear opening point, making it difficult for users to open. We redesigned the packaging to include a clearly marked opening, enhancing the user experience.

Integrated Instructions:

To prevent the loss of instructions, we attached them directly to the packaging, ensuring that vital information is always accessible.

Optimized Packaging Structure:

The initial design was not convenient to reassemble once opened. Our new wallet packaging addressed this issue, allowing for easy opening and closing.

Reducing Dosing Errors and Mix-ups:

We reorganized the dosage forms to follow a natural left-to-right order and proposed the use of different blister strip sizes for different dosages, preventing confusion and potential dosing errors.

Embracing Sustainability

Transitioning to Cold Seal Packaging:

We provided Lundbeck with a more sustainable solution by converting from heat seal to cold seal packaging, aligning with their commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement and CO2 neutrality by 2050.

Ecobliss' Sustainability Targets:

As a contract packager, we are dedicated to using 100% renewable energy for our packaging processes by 2025, utilizing recyclable materials, implementing recycled-content materials when appropriate, and annually evaluating our sustainability growth.

Legal Commitment to Sustainability:

Our commitment to sustainable production was legally incorporated into the commercial contract with Lundbeck, including a special CO2 paragraph. Ecobliss Pharmaceutical Packaging may be the first supplier to include such a commitment, encouraging other companies and contract packers to prioritize sustainability.


By addressing key concerns and integrating sustainability into the packaging solution, Ecobliss Pharmaceutical Packaging exceeded Lundbeck's initial request, showcasing our attention to detail and commitment to innovation. This case study highlights the value of going beyond the customer's expectations and creating solutions that improve end-user experiences while embracing sustainability.

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