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Blister packaging machine

Blister packaging machine

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What is a blister packaging machine?

At Ecobliss we have thorough knowledge about both packaging materials and blister packaging machines. Together with our partner Starview, we operate as the leading expert in blister packaging. But what is a blister packaging machine? It is a packaging machine for unit dosages, such as blister cards. The blister packaging machine is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry for packaging medicines.

Example of our blister packing machine

Ecobliss has a wide range of blister packaging machines, from manual to fully automated systems. Regardless of the type of machine, we will ensure that your packaging projects are completely efficiently and professionally executed. One of our common solutions is the cold seal blister packaging machine. It is the perfect go-to when you need to seal a wide range of eco-friendly blister packaging. It is an innovative machine that solely requires pressure. Thus, there is no need for heat energy. This blister packaging machine does not only make the process more sustainable, but also faster and simpler. Ecobliss Pharma ensures a seamless implementation process by correctly guiding you throughout the process. We execute the wished packaging components while supplying the adequate equipment, that is, our shuttle machines, rotaries and inline machines.

Shuttle machines

This machine is great for customizing products as it offers greater control and flexibility in the packing process. It makes our shuttle machine the ideal solution for prototype testing and low volume production.


Large-scale manufacturers will ideally choose our (semi-)automatic rotaries, which can handle a variety of packaging requirements with various sealing area dimensions.

Inline machines

Our inline machines are well-suited for long production runs with high volume requirements. They are designed in such a manner that they can accommodate varies sizes and shapes. Inline machines are commonly used to produce wallet packages for clinical trials, commercial stage products or controlled dosage.

When to use a blister packaging machine?

Our blister packaging machines can be customized to meet your individual unique requirements, regardless whether you need pharmaceutical or industrial packaging. Opt for a durable and trouble-free solution with our blister packaging machines’ quick set-up times and user-friendly features. You have virtually limitless options for customization, including adding features or using our current machines. Disregarding the size, industry or location of your company, we will navigate you professionally throughout the packaging process.

Benefits of choosing our blister packaging machine

For all your production needs, whether it is low or high-volume batches, you can select our adaptable blister packaging machines. Briefly, we will state the main advantages of working with us:

  • We – Ecobliss Pharma in collaboration with Starview – offer comprehensive services for pharmaceutical packaging machine. Our ambition is to meet the unique demands of the sector by providing a wide range of customizable pharma packaging machines, from manual to fully automated systems.
  • We ensure a seamless start to your packaging process by solely working with user-friendly blister packaging machines. This manner of working will allow for a quick and easy setup.
  • We guarantee to offer tailer-made and standard solutions to suit your specific requirements.

Choose Ecobliss Pharma and enjoy a seamless packaging process to conform your unique needs!

Blister packaging machine

Our wide range of blister packaging machines ensure that we can fulfill your needs and wants.
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