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Sustainability in the pharmaceutical supply chain

What green choices are you already making consciously (or unconsciously not)?
That we must handle medicines safely and responsibly in all links of the pharmaceutical supply chain is a no-brainer. Strict laws and regulations are in place to provide maximum protection for patients and their families. But there is another theme that has been calling for our attention for some time, and rightly so: the protection of our planet.

A green leaf behind pills

At Ecobliss Pharmaceutical Packaging, sustainability is not a marketing trick. Read our white paper and discover our ideas and approach on sustainability in the pharmaceutical supply chain:

  • Primary packaging: what is (im)possible?
  • Secondary packaging: the benefits of cold seal packaging
  • Contract packaging: pivot point towards sustainability
  • Sustainability as an added value. A business case.
  • Making choices in materials and machines
  • Ecobliss Pharmaceutical Packaging. The Smart Source.
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The need to develop more sustainable packaging and to reduce CO2 emissions from production and transport is obvious to everyone. However, safety and environmental friendliness are not always compatible in one package.

This is precisely the struggle that we see many companies going through. And we have already helped many companies with this. How? By looking beyond the primary packaging and pointing out the often still unknown green choices you can make in production, machines and materials.

With this white paper we mainly want to get you thinking

With this white paper we mainly want to get you thinking. Awareness is step one to developing a more sustainable business and a more environmentally conscious production in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Read an extract from our whitepaper:

Making choices in materials and machines

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Download our whitepaper:
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Some things cannot be changed for the sake of medication safety. Heat sealing is and remains the preferred process in the production of primary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry.

Nevertheless, the pressure on our entire supply chain is great to think and act more sustainably. As far as this lies within the sphere of influence of packaging, we help companies to do so. We give you some more food for thought here.

A green leaf on a carton box

Recycled cardboard: why not?

Chances are that you choose sturdy white paperboard for the secondary packaging of your medicines. But why not consider using recycled and unbleached paperboard? And the inside of the box, does it necessarily have to be immaculate white?

We are aware that recycled paperboard is often not used because of issues such as inconsistency and unknown contaminants. But it’s always good to evaluate your options. If you always do what you did, you will get what you always got. If it has to be more sustainable, you have to dare to make that change. For example, to try a different type of material. Often this more sustainable material is more expensive because of all the certifications that are linked to it. But if sustainability is so important, shouldn't it also be more expensive?

Less material. Less environmental impact.

Sounds like a given, but in practice it is still too often ignored, in our experience. A saving on the amount of materials used, directly results in a saving for your wallet and the environment.

As a contract packer, we always consider the ideal dimensions of the packaging components we use, while ensuring the package integrity that is necessary. If the blister or the blister card may be reduced in size within the framework of the laws and regulations, then we present those suggestions to clients.

It's a quick-win.

Energy-efficient and faster packaging

When it comes to secondary packaging, you often have the option of making your own packaging process more energy-efficient and reducing your downtime. Selecting the right packaging machines is critical here. Incidentally, this also applies with outsourcing the packaging process to a contract packer.

As a manufacturer and supplier of packaging machines, Ecobliss Pharmaceutical Packaging always presents the option of converting from heat seal to cold seal for secondary packaging. We have briefly discussed the green benefits of cold seal in chapter 2. Important to remember is that heat seal is an energy-intensive packaging process. The energy consumption is about 5 times greater than for cold seal. Moreover, it is important to take into account a heat up and cool down time, dwell time, increased maintenance costs and downtime due to heat inconsistency in the process, all of which impacts production efficiency and capacity.

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The Smart Source

Since 1996 Ecobliss Pharma is market leader in blister and pharmaceutical wallet solutions. We invented the eco-friendly cold seal packaging technology and the patented child-resistant and certified solution Locked4Kids.

Ecobliss expertly tailors the packaging to your product and market.
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Our experience covers the entire spectrum of packaging, including design & development, production of packaging components, packaging machines and even optimizing packaging activities in your facility. For secondary pharmaceutical packaging, Ecobliss Pharmaceutical Packaging can even take on the role of contract packager under GMP license.
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