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Understanding different types of blister packaging

Gianni Linssen
Written by
Gianni Linssen
/ Published on
October 30, 2023
types of blister packaging

Blister packaging is a trusted method to store and display products. Its popularity, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, has grown due to its protective properties and ease of use. In this article, we will tell you all about the different types of blister packaging, in the pharmaceutical industry as well as other industries.

Why choose blister packaging?

When you think of product packaging, many options come to mind. But blister packaging stands out for several reasons:

•  Protection: It keeps products safe from moisture, UV light, and air, ensuring longer shelf life.

•  Visibility: The clear plastic allows customers to view the product directly.

•  Portability: They are lightweight and easy to handle.

•  Information display: Especially for medicines, the attached card provides vital details.


Diving into the types of blister packaging

There isn't just one kind of blister pack. Different types of blister packaging cater to different needs:

•  Standard blisters: These are the most common. They have a molded plastic front and a seal of paperboard or aluminum foil at theback.

•  Clamshell blisters: These packs fold onto themselves, creating a secure shell. They are often used for heavier products.

•  Carded blisters: A combo of blister pack and info card. The card can carry branding, instructions, or other details.

•  High-frequency sealed blisters: A specialized sealing process ensures a tight seal, suitable for specific products.


The types of blister packaging in the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical sector sees massive use of blister packs. Here are the benefits of most types of blister packaging in the pharmaceutical industry:

•   Safety: These packs prevent contamination, ensuring the medicine remains effective.

•   Information: Clear labeling is essential. From dosages to storage instructions, everything can be printed clearly.

•   Child resistance: Some types of blister packaging are designed to be tough for kids to open but straightforward for adults.


Details on a pharmaceutical blister pack

Medicine blister packs are more than just containers. They communicate vital information:

•  Product name: Clearly identifies the medicine.

•  Active ingredients: Lists what is inside and in what quantity.

•  Batch number: Helps track the product's manufacturing details.

•  Expiry date: Tells until when the medicine is safe to consume.

•  Storage information: Some medicines need specific storage conditions.

•  Directions and warnings: How to use the medicine and any potential risks.

•  Manufacturer details: Who made the medicine and how to contact them.


Other industries using different types of blister packaging

While the usage of different types of blister packaging in pharmaceutical industry is popular, they are also found in:

•  Electronics: For storing memory cards, earphones, or batteries.

•  Toys: Small toys or collectibles are often displayed in blister packs.

•  Hardware: Screws, nails, or other small parts are easy to organize in blister packs.


Choosing the right types of blister packaging

With so many types, how do you pick? Consider:

•  Product size and weight: Heavier items might need clamshell packs.

•  Visibility: If showcasing your product is vital, choose clear plastics.

•  Information: If you need to convey a lot of details, carded blisters might be best.

 Safety: For pharmaceuticals or hazardous items, ensure the pack is tamper-proof or child-resistant.


Blister packaging is versatile, offering solutions for various industries, especially pharmaceuticals. By understanding the different types of blister packaging and their features, businesses can make informed decisions, ensuring product safety and customer satisfaction.

Remember, packaging is not just about protection; it is also about presentation. If you are in the market for high-quality types of blister packaging, always partner with a reputable manufacturer. Alternatively, delve into our range of blister packaging machines for further exploration!

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