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Types of protective packaging in the pharmaceutical industry

Timo Kubbinga
Written by
Timo Kubbinga
/ Published on
March 18, 2024
Protective packaging materials

Protective packaging is key to ensuring the safety, integrity, and efficacy of pharmaceutical products. It encompasses a variety of materials and designs. Protective packaging is designed to shield products from physical damage, contamination, and other external factors that could compromise their quality and efficacy. In the pharmaceutical industry, where the stakes are particularly high, the choice of protective packaging is crucial for compliance with health regulations, ensuring patient safety, and maintaining the trust of healthcare providers and consumers.

Protective packaging materials

The choice of protective packaging materials is critical, as it directly impacts the product's safety and user experience. Common materials include:

  • Plastics: Widely used for their versatility, plastics can be formed into various shapes and sizes to fit different products. They offer excellent protection against moisture and are often used in blister packs and bottles.
  • Paper and cardboard: Preferred for their environmental friendliness, paper and cardboard are commonly used in cartons, boxes, and inserts. They provide physical protection and can be easily recycled.
  • Aluminum: Known for its excellent barrier properties, aluminum is used in foils and laminates to protect sensitive medications from light, oxygen, and moisture.

Types of protective packaging

Protective packaging in the pharmaceutical industry can be broadly categorized into primary, secondary, and tertiary types, each serving a distinct purpose:

  • Primary packaging: Directly contacts the product, providing the first line of protection and ensuring its stability and integrity.
  • Secondary packaging: Encases the primary packaging, offering additional protection and information about the product.
  • Tertiary packaging: Used for bulk handling, storage, and transportation, ensuring the products' safety during transit.

Protective packaging examples

Several types of protective packaging in the pharmaceutical industry, each serving specific protective functions:

  • Blister packs: Seal products in a cavity, usually with a backing of foil or paperboard, offering excellent barrier protection and dose precision.
  • Bottles and jars: Ideal for liquids and tablets, these containers can be made from glass or plastic and often feature child-resistant closures.
  • Vials and ampoules: Used for liquid medications and solutions, these provide airtight protection, ensuring the sterility and potency of the contents.
  • Sachets and pouches: Flexible packaging options for powders and granules, offering convenience and protection from environmental factors.

Highlighting innovative protective packaging solutions

Advances in packaging technology have led to the development of innovative protective packaging solutions, such as Ecobliss's cold seal box wallet and Locked4Kids' child-resistant packaging. These packaging innovations incorporate safety and protection in their design, one protecting the medication it holds and the other protecting children from harmful medication.

Protective packaging plays a pivotal role in the pharmaceutical industry, safeguarding products from production to patient. For those seeking protective packaging, feel free to request a sample on our website.

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Ecobliss Pharmaceutical cold seal wallet
Do you want to experience first hand the usability and quality of our packaging solutions? We'll send you one!
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